Lip Flip, What is it?

When it comes to changing lip shape or achieving a plumper pout, the go-to request that may immediately roll off most patients’ tongue is filler. Injections of (in the lips and elsewhere) ranked as one of the most requested treatments.. But, there’s another under-the-radar option for patients looking to achieve the look of a more voluminous…

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Low testosterone and what it means to you!

Hormonal changes with age are natural and don’t affect just women. Andropause may be a word you are unfamiliar with and we aren’t surprised. You have more likely heard things like Low-T, Male Menopause, or testosterone deficiency. No matter what you label it the symptoms are real and most of the time go untreated and…

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O Shot…Oh Yes!!!

O- Shot and results you will love! Women have been dealing with stress incontinence, decreased sensation, and vaginal dryness for years. They may have tried prescriptions, lubricants, and even surgery in some cases with little to no improvement. It is difficult to find solutions and they feel they have tried everything. My name is Michelle…

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